Andrea Lauren is an English printmaker and surface pattern designer based in the US.  Andrea's work is inspired by her love of nature, walks in the woods, storybooks, folk tales, and childhood memories.  

Andrea discovered her love of printmaking at Columbia University in New York while working on her Master's degree in music.  Her interest in surface pattern design began in primary school when she visited the V&A museum on a school trip.  Her love of arts and crafts design, William Morris prints, and art deco style influence her style.

Each of Andrea's original designs are drawn by hand and transferred to a rubber or linoleum block.  The design is carved into the block and the block is inked and printed by hand.  Then it is scanned and edited on a computer in her home studio.  When she isn't printmaking in her studio, she loves spending time with her husband and son and their two cats.  

Andrea's book, Block Printis published by Rockport Publishers and is available wherever books are sold.  

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