Andrea Lauren Process 3/12

This month is flying by and I am getting lots of quality hours in my studio with various processes.  I like to have lots of different projects on my plate to keep me on my toes.

1. Reductive Silk Screen print in my Animals series.  These are 5 color silkscreen prints.
2.  New designs in my Spoonflower shop. Making a quilt with my swatches.
3.  Pineapple screenprint in three colors.  Mixing up some mint ink.
4.  Printing my Bear's Bourree lino.  Prints drying.


  1. I love these shots giving us a behind the scenes look at how you create your wonderful works!

  2. Hi Andrea!

    I'm Jules from Design Joy and I think your work in great and I love your blog so I've nominated you to Liebster Awards. Yaaay! It's just a nice way of mingling with other bloggers and increasing the visibility of your blog (and your work). For my turn I chose 11 female artists who are as talented as you ( ;) ) to answer a few questions and, if you chose to participate, here's the link:


    These prints are amazing btw :)