Origami Swan by Andrea Lauren

Here are some process shots from carving to printing my swan design.  I like to use the soft rubber stamping material for these little ones -- each stamp is about 4 inches -- since it requires less effort to take away material and I know I will be working with the completed image on the computer after the initial process.  Still, however, I like to be connected to my work in a hands-on way; the idea of working solely on a tablet or through software does not appeal to me personally.  The smell of ink, feeling of paper, and many errors which come with making something by hand are the true joys and life affirming aspects of creating something unique.  All in all, though, I am very pleased with the outcome--little errors and all.  Follow along with more of my processes and say hi on Instagram:  @inkprintrepeat


  1. these are so lovely!
    nice to see your process - i haven't tried my hand at printing anything since art class in high school but this almost makes me want to give it a go! ;)
    Cheray Natalie x

    1. Thanks Cheray! Definitely give it a try as the materials are relatively inexpensive and easy to come by at an art store. Would love to see if you made anything!