Sketchbook to Pattern - Jazz Hands - Andrea Lauren

Finished up this Jazz themed pattern for this week's Spoonflower contest, but also because the theme an excellent addition to the music themed patterns currently in my collection.  I went with a fairly loose style which, as usual, always begin as ink drawings.  I've been fortunate to study jazz and jazz history from some great semi-retired performers who were active during the golden era of this uniquely American art-form.  Enjoy this well known live version of "So What" from Kind of Blue.  This was filmed one month after the recording of the album.


  1. Love your pattern! Good luck with the contest:)

    Also, that was the perfect getting started song for me this morning.

    1. Thanks Laura! Great performance, right?! I ended up listening to the album yesterday after finding this video. Timeless, genius music making.