Andrea Lauren: Reductive Silkscreen Print: Lion

I've been experimenting with reduction silkscreen prints this past month.  The technique is very artistic and free; there seem to be a lot of possibilities since everything is done by hand and able to be adjusted and changed during the making of a print.  I chose some safari animals as my test.  Each of these have five colors which are unified through the series.

Andrea Lauren Fabric Collaborations Part II

It never gets old seeing my fabric print designs on great handmade pieces by other small business owners.  I enjoy seeing how they prints do in the marketplace and it has a positive reward to see the items going into customers homes and lives.

Hunkydory Home based in the UK, makes gorgeous and fun gifts for you and your home.  Their currently using my Tigers and Puffins designs on these lamps and cushions.

Boucle d'Or designs features on-trend apparel for kids and teens.   They're based in the US.
 Paper Krane is based in Australia and makes awesome boots, shoes and more for kiddos.
 Customer photo featuring one of our classic designs "Woodland Animal Frames."
Support these business and my patterns by visiting their shops.  You can find my fabrics available here.

Andrea Lauren Process 3/12

This month is flying by and I am getting lots of quality hours in my studio with various processes.  I like to have lots of different projects on my plate to keep me on my toes.

1. Reductive Silk Screen print in my Animals series.  These are 5 color silkscreen prints.
2.  New designs in my Spoonflower shop. Making a quilt with my swatches.
3.  Pineapple screenprint in three colors.  Mixing up some mint ink.
4.  Printing my Bear's Bourree lino.  Prints drying.

Congregation of Gators by Andrea Lauren

I've been setting aside a bit of time each week to keep my hand carving lino skill in practice.  Working with the soft linoleum is fairly quick and allows me to play around with repeats and different layouts.  This gator came from my pattern library and I'm considered creating some one color screen prints in the style of the stack of gators.

Andrea Lauren Fabrics - Collaborations

I wanted to highlight some of the fantastic clothing lines and indie makers creating handmade goods with Andrea Lauren fabrics.  We love seeing what you're making - send us your photos @inkprintrepeat on twitter or IG. 

Little Four Clothing - @littlefourclothing

Ponytail Shop @ponytailshop

Vivie & Ash -  @vivieandash
Ivie Baby - @iviebaby

Rocky Raccoon - Original Linocut Print by Andrea Lauren

Printing my Rocky Raccoon one-color linocut.  The process involves: 1. Transferring the image to the block with carbon paper - always have to double check that the image is reversed.  2.  Carve the block in front of something good on Netflix (lately I've been enjoying Inspector Frost and Doc Martin).  3.  Inspection from the cat.  4.  Print the block - this is a multi-day process of making sure the block is flat, the paper is cut, the ink is ready, and the print rack is free.  5.  Enjoy the hard work.  

Portfolio here / Shop here

Origami Swan by Andrea Lauren

Here are some process shots from carving to printing my swan design.  I like to use the soft rubber stamping material for these little ones -- each stamp is about 4 inches -- since it requires less effort to take away material and I know I will be working with the completed image on the computer after the initial process.  Still, however, I like to be connected to my work in a hands-on way; the idea of working solely on a tablet or through software does not appeal to me personally.  The smell of ink, feeling of paper, and many errors which come with making something by hand are the true joys and life affirming aspects of creating something unique.  All in all, though, I am very pleased with the outcome--little errors and all.  Follow along with more of my processes and say hi on Instagram:  @inkprintrepeat

Around the Studio

I've been enjoying a creative high since the beginning of the new year.  I'm spending quality time in my studio switching from one project to another, keeping my plate full of different projects both external and self-directed.  I'm looking forward to continuing this hard work in the coming months.

1. Rolling up a new block.  2.  Trying some new supplies. 

I've also updated my social media offerings to include twitter and a facebook page. 

Black & White Pattern Collection by Andrea Lauren

Lately, I've been adding some new patterns to my Black & White collection along some more kiddo designs and some classic simple designs to make my own clothes from.  The Sun, Moon, Stars are a bit nostalgic for me inspired by a little bit of the 90s revival and in particular this perfume my mum had.

Spoonflower is offering a free swatch of their new Modern Jersey from noon Feb 13th through noon Feb 14th.
Update: The free swatch day has been postponed due to the winter weather.  I will post again when it becomes available. 

Dots - Bowtie Bear - Squirrel Forest - Sun, Moon, Stars