Making Stamps: Block Print Deer

I've become quite addicted to make mini block print stamps this year.   I can't wait to make this deer into an art print.

Sewing Notions Fabric Collection by Andrea Lauren

After carving my floral block and creating the Butterfly Garden collection, I knew I wanted to continue with that process.  Spoonflower's sewing notions contest seemed really appealing and I got my tools out and began carving some of my favorite vintage inspired sewing notions.  The block is 6"x 8" and I'm also offering it as a print in my shop.

Printing on Textiles by Andrea Lauren

In thinking about opening an online shop featuring my printmaking I knew I wanted to contribute to the long tradition of block printing textiles.  Here's a look at some of my experiments on a variety of fabric types.  I'm currently narrowing down a line of pillows, clutches, and tea towels for my new shop.

Fabric Collection: Rad Tiger Party by Andrea Lauren

This collection is inspired by the 90s.  I have tried to put my own personal mark and style onto this returning trend.  I've titled this series "Rad Tiger Party" and these prints and other colorways are available in my Spoonflower shop.

Block Printing Stamps by Andrea Lauren

Here is the second set of hand-carved blocks which I have been working on the last couple of weeks.  It is always fun to experiment with rainbow roll ink gradients, ghost printing, and repeating the design element in different arrangements.  Since I use these designs in the digital medium, I typically print these at least two times; once in fun color version and once in solid black for scanning.  Follow me on instagram for these process shots as they are completed.

Fabric Collection: Sweet Treats by Andrea Lauren

I always enjoy creating summer patterns.  This year I made a collection of "Sweet Treats" illustrations of ice creams and doughnuts for my Spoonflower shop.  These prints and additional colorways can be seen here.