Creating a Repeating Block Print Pattern by Andrea Lauren

Exploring traditional printmaking and pattern design methods is a strong passion of mine.  Particularly inspired by the great work of William Morris, I wanted to step away from the computer and design a repeat pattern which was hand-carved and could be hand-printed.
In its planning, the design would work as a one-color pattern as well as having the ability to be expanded and digitally customizable with more complex color ways.

1.  I apply india ink to the block to give a contrast when I'm carving.  I use carbon paper to transfer my design to the block.
2.  The block is inked (I use water-based block printing ink).  I registered it by hand, taking care to align the overlapping parts of the design.
3.  A close-up of my carved block.

Whales Block Prints by Andrea Lauren

A couple of block prints I worked on last week.  Looking forward to developing a sea life collection with these whales and other elements.

Andrea Lauren - Honey and Hive Fabric and Pattern Design Collection

A few weeks ago I carved some bees and beehive block print stamps after watching Vanishing of the Bees on Netflix.   After playing around with some gold ink I took to the computer to create a collection of prints that I've just released in my Spoonflower shop.

Making Stamps: Block Print Deer

I've become quite addicted to make mini block print stamps this year.   I can't wait to make this deer into an art print.

Sewing Notions Fabric Collection by Andrea Lauren

After carving my floral block and creating the Butterfly Garden collection, I knew I wanted to continue with that process.  Spoonflower's sewing notions contest seemed really appealing and I got my tools out and began carving some of my favorite vintage inspired sewing notions.  The block is 6"x 8" and I'm also offering it as a print in my shop.

Printing on Textiles by Andrea Lauren

In thinking about opening an online shop featuring my printmaking I knew I wanted to contribute to the long tradition of block printing textiles.  Here's a look at some of my experiments on a variety of fabric types.  I'm currently narrowing down a line of pillows, clutches, and tea towels for my new shop.